Your Basic Nature

The Sign of Ascendant or Lagna gives some indications about the native. The basic nature mostly depends on this sign.

Ascendant Sign Properties

Sign 1

Aries or Mesha

Personal Appearance The native born under this sign posses lean and muscular body,middle stature neither thick nor strout,ruddy complexion,long face and neck.Broad head,mark or scar on head,bushy eyebrows,eyes are grey to greyish brown
Mental Tendencies Ambitious,dominating,active,energetic,courageous and lover of independence rash and aggressive
Personality Male Simple,frank outspoken,not good in organizing schmes but can implement them nicely,loves independence,brave,zealous,dogmatic views and makes quick decisions.Life is full of struggles and fortune is variable,strained family ties,few children,change in residence,victory over enemies,good health and good mechanical ability
Personality Female Truthful,quarrelsome,energetic,independent views,jealous and proud.Expects the husband to praise her but can tolerate other ladies praise by her husband,aggressive and very romantic,only loves he person she admires,quick,ferry and rash tempered.Can handle any profession enjoy good health
To be Cautious About Must avoid rash temperament,too much independence if views,must not be dogmatic in views and must listen to others and must learn to adjust
Professions Professions connected with them are army,defence,surgeons,police,chemist,law,iron industry,steel,machines,factories,industry or sports good
Finanace Arians are not known for amassing wealth in spite of their strong desires.They are extravagent and lose money through impulsive actions and rash investments.Evil or malefic planets if posited in Aries,indicate that they start in a flash and end with a crash.Their budgetalways remains unbalanced.They should think calmly and seriously before taking any action

Sign 2

Taurus or Rishba

Personal Appearance the native born under this sign posses short to middle stature,broad forehead,bright eyes,thick and stout neck,dark hair,clear complexion well developed body
Mental Tendencies Perserving,constant,conservative,determined,obstinate,ambitious for power,yet social,affectionate and loving but can also be very reasonable and prejudiced.When angry will not stop at anything.Slow but steady worker
Personality Male Such person are enduring,very patient,violent and unrelenting.They should think before they act.When opposed can become stubborn and unyeilding.SINCERE AND and realible and trustworthy,fond of love,pleasures,natural beauty,art,music and literature.Fond of ease,comforts,opposite sex and have many love affairs,good halth,cooperative and love domestic life
Personality Female they are pracical,furious and violent when severly angered.Secretive and reseved,realible,trustworthysincere,obedient,reserved and calm,intelligent,practical,good mothers,dependable and predictable
To be Cautious About They should not obstinate,not slow in action,not be selfish and vindictive,they should reatain anger,for a long time and avoid doubting others
Professions They can be accountant,a double career,may trade in cosmetic,luxury goods,scents,jewels etc.Any business connecte d with finance,agriculture or music.Transport business,cinema actor,film producer,dealers in garments
Finanace Taurus person being economical will accumulate and hoard money and never squander unnecessarily.Gambling nature is also indicated,is of materialistic mind,will get money from others,is partical and will rise gradually,and will take chances and will risk money

Sign 3

Gemini or Mithun

Personal Appearance They are tall,upright,slender,quick,thin legs and visible veins.Moderate complexion,long arms,face,nose and chin.Hazel or grey eyes and look sharp,active and quick
Mental Tendencies Learned and attain ood education,lovely and quick witted,intelligent,nervous,restless,fond of arts,realible and difficult to understand
Personality Male Lack concentration and quick decision,ambitious,aspiring,curious,arrgumentative,work sysytematically,fond of mental recreations,restless,anxious,change and diversity in all spheres of life,good advisors.Enjoys life to the max but faces misfortunes.The more romantic the happier they are
Personality Female Intelligent,lack of concentration,argumentative,good advisos,quick,realible,influences opposite sex,fault-finding nature,needs pity not anger,tue in love and a good mother
To be Cautious About Should avoid anxiety and worry.Must not be disheartened and avoid strifes
Professions Since they are active,alert,good speakers,intelligent,humuorous,are fit for politics.Other professions are brokers,share market agaents,business-men,secretaries,advocates,journalist and travelling agents
Finanace There will be a lot of changes in life.They will enjoy life with good fortune and also suffer continuous misfortune,experiencing both privation and plenty.They will bring their downfall by their own action

Sign 4

Cancer or Karaka

Personal Appearance Not above average height,short nose,tendency of stoutness,grey or blue eyes,ladies have a round face,full cheeks,nose is prominent at the tip,pale complexion,sometimes very beautiful,small hands and feet
Mental Tendencies Fond of change,novelty,travelling,attached to hoe,inclined to public life,sympathetic,diplomatic,discreet,conventional,emotional and over sensitve.Anger comes and goes quickly
Personality Male Changeable,ups and downs of position and occupation,fertile,imaginative,sentimental,talkative,face physical dangers but are brave,emotional conventional,fickle minded,commercial careers suit them,cannot tolerate dishonesty,criticising and interfering in household matters and cause unpleasnat attmosphere
Personality Female Sincere,loyal,affectionate,dutiful,devoted to husbands,good mothers,moody,adaptive,changeable in nature,secretive,emotional,touchy,economical,tolerable,in case of adverse circumstances
To be Cautious About inspite of all goodness they should be patient,enduring and avoid senstivity .Must avoid inferiority complexion and lazziness
Professions They have commercial career,may be a sailor in navy,shippin department,import export,transportand travel.Also a good caterer,restaurant manager ,orator,precher,contractor,intrested in developing vedic and sacred texts
Finanace They are very careful with money,being honest,they cannot tolerate any dishonesty.Accumulation of money through their hard work.Fortunate in finances.

Sign 5

Leo or Simha

Personal Appearance Have broad shoulders,ruddy,florid complexions,large bones,muscles,tall and upright body,better formed than lower portion,thin waist and prominent knees.Big and round head,majestic apperance,commanding and dignified,attractive and large staring eyes.
Mental Tendencies Ambitious,dominating,active,energetic,courageous and lover of independence rash and aggressive.Warm hearted,generous,optimistic,love for arts and cheerful in nature
Personality Male Good natured,frank,outspoken,strong willed,independent,foreceful,impulsive,helpful and wise.Very independent in views,constructive,brave and in constant love,liberal views and robust heath.But rash in temprament
Personality Female Popular,manage home well,self sacraficing,Unselfish,passionate,dogmatic ideas,arrogant,truthful,witty,strong body
To be Cautious About Stop being dogmatic and start listening to others,arrguments with others must be avoided,must avoid arrogance and restrict their wants and be economical,avoid rash temperament and must not get carried away by other's flattery
Professions Leos can be best educators,politicians,occupy high position in governemnt,of executive ability,mangers of big concerns,corporation,director,captain,sales manager etc
Finanace Leos are generally fortunate and have sufficent resources.They are sprendthrifts,their bank position will deteriorate as age increases.In gambaling and speculation,generally lucky but should be avoided.Being liberal and generous are helpful to everybody and feel proud.Pleasures may lead to loss and trouble in old age if they do not control them.

Sign 6

Virgo or Kanya

Personal Appearance Tall with slender bodies,dark hair,curved and hairy eyebrows,thin and shrill voice,walk quickly.Straight nose,appear younger than their age,frank,honest and beautiful blue eyes
Mental Tendencies fond of learning,actve mood,good mental abilities,critical,methodical,nervous and lacking in self confidence,perceptive and somewhat intuitive,methodicasl,deep thinker,uncomfortable in crowds but likes seclusion,fastidious and exacting in working and romance
Personality Male Ambitious for wealth,thoughtful,conservative and industrious,not easily contended,changeable nature,commercial nature,expert in finding faults,love details of things,religious,peaceful domestic life
Personality Female Accommodating and adjustable,fond of study and sincere in love,shy,when annoyed they can be shrewd and fussy of saving nature
To be Cautious About they should not be senstive,sarcastic and chatty.Fault finding nature must be avoided.Must avoid alcohol and drugs and use vegetarian diets
Professions Virgos are slave to work,hard taskmaster and like to be left alone.So fit for becoming a broker,accountant,lawyer,jouralist,engineer,surgeon and connected with liquids
Finanace Hard work will pay dividends and bring them to the top.Being of commercial nature,careful with money.Return of investment will be poor.If the lord of 6th Saturn I exalted and has good aspects it denotes good fortune.

Sign 7

Libra or Tula

Personal Appearance good complexion,well form body,tall slender in youth but tendency of stoutness in middle age,brown or black hair,blue or brown eyes,passionate,oval face,good looking,graceful,sweet smile and attractive countenance
Mental Tendencies fond of dresses,perfumes,art and music.brilliant and intellectual,admirable,cheerful,pleasant ,fond of lovely things,argumentative and materialistic nature
Personality Male Courteous and hospitable,fond of beauty easily appeased,enjoy company of opposite sex,affectionate,kind,honest in love,happy at home and socialable
Personality Female Courteous and hospitable,fond of beauty easily appeased,enjoy company of opposite sex,affectionate,kind,honest in love,happy at home and socialable,sexy,good mothers
To be Cautious About Need to control emotional natre of theirs and avoid too much spending on luxuries.They should see people are not taking advantage of them.
Professions Government servant or officer.Will lead a public life best suited for law,chemist,liquid items,electical engineer,transport,Navy or painter,dealing with articles of feminine interest and luxary or amusement items.Also can be writters,musicians,singer and actor
Finanace Some liberans excel over the other people in matters of finance and good conveyance.They are extravagent,spend on luxaries,dressetc.They are liberal and generous with donations for good causes

Sign 8

Scorpio or Varischak

Personal Appearance well proportioned body,long hands,good staure,broad face,commanding apperance,prominent brows.Tendency to stoutness and dusky complexion and a tinge of redness on face
Mental Tendencies This sign represents the posionous scorpion.This sign represents 2 types,the higher or the lower,the former has control over their senses the latter are jealous of the other,rude,strong-willed and terrorising.Reliant,bold,fixed views,lose temper quickly,cunning but very true,loyal faithful,frank,sarcastic,reliable and hard to influence
Personality Male While facing challenges they never back down,imaginative,tenacious,determined,quick witted,alert,forecful,positive,impulsive and forceful.Have constructive and destructive tendencies,they are good friends as well as worst enemies,so life long friendship for them is not possible
Personality Female Enjoy life adjustable,hard workers but can suddenly loose temper.They are very passionate,magnetic character proud and totally confident and canot sit idle
To be Cautious About Should not be sarcastic,over critical,should control their temper and patient.If the lower side of scorpio sign operates then they are master in creating anarchy,lawlessness and destruction as they are social firebands and dangerous to community
Professions They deal with chemistry,insurancematernity,department and surgeons.Research work,CID,detectives,army,navy,steel works,can be good politicians,artist and actors
Finanace They are lucky in wealth ,gain through sprculations are blessed with money,vehicles,a good position in service or business.They are extravagent .Their income will substantial as they know how to earn and make some money.

Sign 9

Sagittarius or Dhanu

Personal Appearance A well proportioned face and body.Tall,slender,generally long and oval face,large forehead,high bushy eyebrows,long nose,blue hazel eyes.Clear complexion,charming apperence,graceful look and hansome figure
Mental Tendencies Generally restless,bold good hearted,pushful,ambitious but greedy and aspiring,good tempered,frank,free,cheerful,charitable and friendly,active,blessed with energy to face challenges.They are inclined to religion,philosphy,law or medicine
Personality Male Not timid,will not tremble in adverse circumstances.They act after deep consideration,are jovial,generous and charitable.Love liberty,independence and freedom.Frank,fearless,demonstrative,outspoken,ambitious,god fearing and religious.Adjustable nature and fond of games and clubs
Personality Female Fond of home,generous,extravagent nature,casual behaviour towards romance and marriage,good hostess and cook,loyal,trustful and affectionate
To be Cautious About Should be moderate and must not hate their relations with parents and brothers.Exaggeration and continous speech without truth,false promises,insults or hurting others their basic traits which should be avoided and must not change their opinion often
Professions They are good teachers,orator,bank employees or politicians,attached to religious and eductional institutions.Editing and publishing will be rewarding.He can be a mster of the company,civil engineer,contractor on foreign assignments
Finanace They face frequent changes.They are rich and enjoy full comforts of life,they have gains without pains.If jupiter is not afflicted,politics will prove lucky

Sign 10

Capricorn or Makar

Personal Appearance Usually thin and long prominent nose.Black hair become tall after the age of 16.Ladies are thin wiry and soft.Natural beauty and bright eyes
Mental Tendencies They are economical,prudent,self willed,pensive,resonable,thoughtful and practical nature.Calculative and businesslike.Secretive,quiet,much ingenuity and fertility,desire wealth and power
Personality Male They have special organizing capacity with good tolerance,patience and steady nature.Serious,quiet,thoughtful,cautious,hard workers,capable of much endevour.Will rise gradually,they are not romantic and slow in passion.They provide all facilities to family slowly
Personality Female They are ultra feminine,want respect,security and authority.When they become important they feel proud work quickly,have good organizing capacity with good tolerance,patience,happier with men with good position,security and good finacial position
To be Cautious About Avoid nervousness and discontenment but develop dignity,diplomacy,avoid selfishness and egoismCare of health is necessary
Professions Contractor,cement broker,dealer in scientific instruments.Physicians,gain through lands,mines,kerosene or petrol,chemicals etc
Finanace They desire fame,ane,money and reputation.Will work continously to gain success.They do not miss any chance or oppurtunity and do not speculate .They will have enough money and comforts of life but shouldnot expect a windall

Sign 11

Aquarius or Kumbh

Personal Appearance Tall with full staure,strong well formed body and features,clear complexion,oval face fleshy face and good looking
Mental Tendencies Intelligent,good memory and reasoning ability,very capable of dealing with facts,posses good concentration,kind humble and self controlled,happy and loves solitude
Personality Male Intelligent,good memory and reasoning ability,very capable of dealing with facts,posses good concentration,kind humble and self controlled,happy and loves solitude,have little time for family.
Personality Female Cooperative,extremely adaptable,lacks passion,jealous and are neither attached or detached with their family
To be Cautious About They not be jealsous,possessive,or be critical,ultra conservative and should avoid to be lazy and lethargic
Professions Politics facinate them,sports absorb them,automobile,medical discoveries,authors,astronauts,alocholics,pianists
Finanace Honours and money come to them without seeking.They are both fortunate and unfortunate

Sign 12

Pisces or Meena

Personal Appearance Have short stature,short limbs,pale complexion,big and protuding eyes,soft and silky hair.Big and fleshy shoulders
Mental Tendencies Quick in understanding,inspirational,easy going,good natured,changeful,emotional,sarcastic,fond of music,passionate,philosophical and lead a romantic life
Personality Male Kind,loving,truthful,courteous,hospitable,restless,helpful,generally lack self confidence,self esteem and cannot harm anyone,polite and modest.Have varying moods,over liberal and addicted to drinks
Personality Female Kind,helpful,loving,truthful and courteous.Generally lack in self confidence,are not steady,generally lack self confidence,self esteem and cannot harm anyone,polite and modest.Have varying moods and occasionally sensitive
To be Cautious About Must not rely much on friends,avoid being suspicious and of varying mood,be generous but not over liberal
Professions Accountants,bankers,music and opera houses,cinema,occult science,actors and a good businessman,managing and organising related jobs.Navy or shipping corporations,beverages,cosmetic,chemicals and eduction departments
Finanace They have good business ability and endowed with powers and wealth.They do not depend on others.They have plurality of interests are helpful to the needy.Must keep money for old age.