SadeSati or Dhaiya

The Planet Saturn (Shani) takes on an average a little over 29 months to traverse through sign or Rashi of the zodiac. This can be rounded up to 2.5 years per sign or 30 years for one revolution around the zodiac. Saturn is the outermost planet that describes more than one revolution around the zodiac during the lifetime of most human beings.
When Saturn occupies 4th or 8th Sign from the Janam Rasi (Native Moon Sign ) the Native is said to under going dhaiya
When Saturn occupies the 12th or 1st or 2 nd Sign from the Sign of Moon at the time of birth it is said to be causing Sade Sati on the Native.
When Shani transits over the sign prior to the natal moon sign, its effect is said to have over the head. This phase of transit may cause Body Pains, Trouble to Parter, Trouble from State , Trouble in Business
When Shani transits over the natal moon, it is the second phase of SadheSatti. Its position and affective area is the heart. This position gives progress in Business , Increase in Earning , Respect and all around happiness.
When Shani transits over the next sign from the natal moon, it affects the feet of the native. This position indicates family differences , increase in enemies , increase in expenses and incure loss in wealth and position.
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The following Periods are to be watched for Sade Sati or Dhayia