These are simple remedies to mitigate the ill effects of planets in Horoscope. These suggestions are made by experienced Astrologers.

Name of Planet Simple remedies for planets creating trouble for you Offerings/Dan that can be made to mitigate bad effects of the Grah More Detailed rituals and Offering to please the Grah
Sun /Surya Get up before the sun rise and do not sleep during day time. Wheat,Gur,Ghee,Red Cloth,Red Fruit/Flower  
Moon /Chander Respect your mother and get aashirwad from your mother and do not annoy her. Rice,Mishri,Curd,White Cloth,White Flowers  
Mars /Mangal Have cordial relation with your brothers and donate blood frequently. Masoor,Gur,Ghee,Red Cloth,Red Fruit/Flower  
Mercury/Budh Make gifts to your sister/ daughter/ bua or all as frequently as possible. Moong,Sugar,Ghee,Green Cloth, Any Flower/Fruit  
Jupiter/Brahspati Go to temple/Gurudwara/or any other worship place after taking bath and wearing washed clothes and donate something. Daal Channa,Sugar,Ghee,Yellow Cloth,Haldi (Turmeric) , Yellow Flower-Fruit,Books  
Venus/Shukar Take pure curd daily without adding salt or sugar. Rice,Misri,Milk, Curd,White Cloth,White Flowers & Scent  
Saturan/Shani Wash your Loo yourself and give something to your workers / domestic help. Urad,Kuthi,Oils,Black Cloth or Flower or any black colored item  
Rahu Go for a walk daily after sunset but before darkness daily may be for 15 minutes. Til,Sarson,Blue Cloth,Knife or sword , Blanket, Black Flower  
Ketu Early morning walk before sun rise but not in dark.Keep a small stick in your hand because when Ketu is bad a dog can bite. Til, Grey Cloth,Knife or sword , Blanket, Grey Flower