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Introduction to Astrology

The Zodiac is an imagainary band of heavens extending to 9 degrees on either side of the eleptic or the path of the Sun. There are 12 signs , each of 30 o of the Zodiac and 27 constellations , each of 13o 20 '. The signs (Rasis) and constellations start from the same point i.e. first point of Aries or Mesha

The Planet System is made of 9 planets two of which are shadowy i.e. Rahu and Ketu, the Others being the Sun (Surya), Moon (Chander), Mars(Mangal), Mercury (Budh) , Jupiter(Brahspati) , Venus (Shukar) and Saturn (Shani).

All panets except the Sun and Moon are subject to retrogression (Vakri) and acceleration in their orbits

Layout of Various Houses of Horoscope

Janam Kundli

The Zodiac is divided in to 12 Signs and each sign has one House. So the whole life has been divided and contained in 12 houses and each house has its own characteristcs. Here in the first house where no 6 is written refers that the native is born under the Virgo/Kanya Sign. i.e. Ascedant is Virgo. The characterisctics of person dependes upon sign occupied by the Ascedant. These characteristics are modified by the placement of varoius planets placed in these houses and Planets Aspecting these Houses and the planets owning these signs. Various planets become Friends and Foes depending upon their inter-planetary permanent relationship and its present position in the horoscope.

As day to day predictions are based on the Janam Rashi or Sign of Moon at the time of Birth the following figure shows how to know your Janam Rashi

What is your Janam Rashi ...? If you do not have birth chart Cast your horoscope..

Know your Rashi

The following figure show the name given to various houses and their classification as Good/Neutral/Bad House

Kundli Details