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                                     HOROSCOPE with Janam Rasi As Lagan & PLANET POSITIONS  

Date and Time Used
Date 26-09-2020
Time 03:01
PLANET CURRENT VALUE Maximum duration in a Rasi
Sun 5-09-07-49 30 days
Moon 9-01-14-55 2.25 days
Mars 0-02-07-28 1.5 Months
Mercury 6-04-12-54 1 Month
Jupiter 8-23-32-48 12 months
Venus 3-27-48-08 1 Month
Saturn 9-00-54-57 30 Months
Rahu 1-29-51-29 18 Months
Ketu 7-29-51-29 18 Months

Predictions Based on these Transits on Your Janam Rasi

The following are characteristic prediction and effects can change depending upon the sign occupied by each planet, conjuctions and aspects.

SATURN RAHU are favourably placed for matters relating to Favours from the Govenment, Promotion, sucess in tests and interviews , unexpected gains , congenial atmosphere at home and office , progress and comforts, sucess over enemies
SUN MARS KETU are not favourably placed may results in disfavours from the Govenment, problem in tests and interviews , unexpected heavy expenditure , surcharged atmosphere at home and work place , trouble from enemies
MOON MERCURY VENUS are favourably placed likely to give you occupational gains inclination to religious activities , likelyhood of foreign tavels, good health, increase in comforts, happiness from childeren and spouce
JUPITER is not favourably placed may results ill health, problem with kith and kin , dissatisfaction , loss of wealth , if in foreign land may face trouble, heavy expenditure